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Take control of your financial future and save for the things that matter most.

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Dobot is a financial app that makes it easy for you to save for the things that you care about. Whether you're saving for your next vacation, a downpayment or literally anything else. Dobot can help you get there.

Create Goals

Give your goal a name, set the dollar amount you'll need and when you'll need it.

Save Money

After you connect your checking account, Dobot helps determine your safe savings amount and transfers small amounts of money each week.

Be Inspired

Dobot sends helpful advice and encouragement via text and email to help you stay on track in achieving your goals.

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Gabby Tinner & Travis Gale

"We signed up for Dobot to challenge each other to save for our wedding and honeymoon next year. It's so fun to visualize our goal and keep track of how much we are saving. Dobot makes it easy and simple, and game like. It has never felt so good to save money!"

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Katherine Hickman

"Dobot helped me save for my trip to Iceland! I like that it is simple and automatic. I set my goal and Dobot texted me with weekly updates. Finally a clear and easy way to save money!"

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Kenton Cozart

"Dobot has finally helped me save on a regular basis. I've always known that I should put aside money, but it used to just slip away - restaurants, outdoor gear, trips, etc. Now, Dobot automatically saves small amounts of money so I never have to think about it."

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